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Snow storm sets record in Wichita

Tuesday’s snow storm buried a record more than 115 years old in Wichita.

The official snowfall total of 8.7 inches easily broke the record for snowiest Feb. 4, which was 5 inches set back in 1897. Even more snow fell on the north side of the city, weather officials said, but the official records are logged next to Mid-Continent Airport in southwest Wichita.

Updated snowfall forecast for Wichita and surrounding area

Portions of the Wichita metropolitan area could receive nearly a foot of snow by early Wednesday morning, according to this snowcast produced by the National Weather Service.


Winter storm warning issued for much of eastern Kansas

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for much of eastern Kansas, with as much as 10 inches of snow expected in some parts of the state.

The Wichita metropolitan area is included in the warning, which goes into effect at 6 p.m. As much as 9 inches of snow is possible in Wichita late tonight on through Tuesday afternoon, said Scott Smith, a meteorologist with the Wichita branch of the weather service.

The snow should start late Monday night in the Wichita area, with a couple inches on the ground by daybreak on Tuesday. The heaviest snow for Wichita is likely to come late Tuesday morning and early Tuesday afternoon.


The snow will be followed by strong winds, Smith said, prompting blowing and drifting throughout the region.

“They’re going to pick up and get stronger and stronger,” Smith said of the winds. “That’s going to be a huge headache, I think. It’s going to be a mess.”

Smith said he expects school districts all over the region to cancel classes for Tuesday. While they might be able to get kids to school in the morning, the heavy snow and blowing and drifting would make getting the children home difficult.

North winds will be in the low teens early Tuesday, but by evening will be gusting near 30 miles an hour.

The heaviest snow should fall in the Topeka area, Smith said, but several inches of snow is anticipated over much of the state.


Heavy snow expected Tuesday in Wichita area

Here’s a map showing the National Weather Service’s snowfall projections for Tuesday.

Wichita has recorded slightly more than 6 inches of snow so far this winter.


AccuWeather, meanwhile, is forecasting 3 to 6 inches for Wichita.

Friday night’s weather

Here’s a map from the National Weather Service showing what eastern Kansas can expect from tonight’s wintry precipitation:


Friday could offer a double helping of glaze for the Wichita area

The morning commute may be decorated with a light glaze in the Wichita metropolitan area Friday, weather officials say.

It won’t be much, National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Jakub said, but it could still make untreated roads slick.

“The ground is still frozen,” Jakub said. “Any time you get any liquid on the surface, it’ll freeze pretty fast.”

Another round of wintry precipitation – freezing rain, freezing drizzle and sleet – is possible Friday night as well, Jakub said. The moisture could then transition to snow early Saturday morning.

The snowfall won’t amount to much, though: an inch or less in the Wichita area, Jakub said.

A more potent winter system is expected early next week, he said, when most of Kansas could see 2 to 4 inches of snow Monday and Tuesday.


Snowfall totals for last weekend in Wichita area

Here’s a map produced by the National Weather Service showing snowfall totals from last weekend’s storm.

Yes, someone forgot that we’re now in 2014.

Wichita’s official snowfall total was 2 inches, but heavier amounts were reported in the surrounding area.


New year delivers one of snowiest first days in Wichita history

Just under one inch of snow fell in Wichita on New Year’s Day.

That may not sound like much, but in fact it’s the fourth-snowiest January 1 in Wichita history.

Only 1925, 1948 and 1891 saw more snow on New Year’s Day in Wichita, according to the National Weather Service. Measurable snowfall has only occurred 28 times on Jan. 1 since records began being kept in the city in 1889, said Jerilyn Billings Wright, a meteorologist with the weather service.

Most of those totals were less than an inch, she said.

Ironically, Wednesday’s snowfall made it back-to-back years that snow fell on New Year’s Day. Last year, .7 of an inch fell on Jan. 1.

While 2013 would end up in the top five of snowiest winters in Wichita history, thanks to two late snow storms that each dumped several inches on the city, Billings Wright said snow on New Year’s Day does not mean a snowy winter looms.

In fact, the three snowiest first days came during winters when little snow fell.

In 1925, the 4.2 inches that fell on New Year’s Day amounted to the only measurable snow Wichita recorded all winter.

In 1948, only 4 inches of snow fell all winter, with 3.6 recorded on New Year’s Day.

And in 1891, the 1.5 inches that fell on Jan. 1 was half of the total that fell all winter.

Area snowfall totals from this weekend

The National Weather Service has put together a map showing snowfall totals in the Wichita area and around the region. Officially, Wichita recorded 3.2 inches.

More than 15 inches fell in Larned in central Kansas and heavy snow was also reported in eastern Kansas.


Snowfall projections for this weekend’s storm

How much snow will Kansas get from this first potent winter storm of the season for many residents? Here are a few projections: