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Wednesday was one cool day for Wichita

Wednesday was so cool it was practically wearing trendy sunglasses in Wichita.

The daytime high of 72 broke the record for lowest high temperature on July 30, according to the National Weather Service. That was 73 in 1903, when Jack London’s “Call of the Wild” was published, Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the first airplane and the first World Series would be played later that fall.

Ironically, just two years ago, the high temperature on July 30 hit 111 – a record high for the date.

Cool night enters the record books

It felt more like late September than mid-July this morning in Wichita and elsewhere in Kansas. That chill was even felt in the record book.

Wichita’s low of 55 matched the record low for July 15, first set in 1990. Russell shattered its record low by 5 degrees when it reached 51 overnight. That broke the previous record of 56 in 1973.

More record lows are possible tonight, forecasters say.

Make room, 1936: this is now driest start to year in Wichita history

Not even the Dust Bowl was this dry in Wichita.

The dry spell that just won’t let go has thrust 2014 to the top of the charts for driest start to the year in Wichita history.

Through May 8, Wichita has logged just 2.01 inches of precipitation. That’s even less than the 2.37 inches as of the same date in 1936, according to the National Weather Service.


Another heat record for Wichita

Ever wonder what 1895 felt like?

Wednesday offered a hint for the Wichita area. The high temperature of 96 toppled a record that had stood for nearly 120 years.

The old mark of 93 was set in 1895, on the same day a newfangled device called the radio receiver was unveiled in St. Petersburg and a day after Halma won the 21st edition of the Kentucky Derby.

The record for high temperature is Wichita’s third in the last four days.

Tuesday’s 99 and Sunday’s 102 also muscled their ways into Wichita’s record book. Mercifully, cooler temperatures arrive on Thursday.

Sunday heat records for other Kansas cities

Wichita had plenty of company in enduring record high temperatures on Sunday.

Garden City’s 97 toppled the old mark for May 4 of 94 in 2012.

Dodge City’s 98 erased the 92 of 2012. Medicine Lodge reached 103, bettering the 101 of 1963.

Garden City, Medicine Lodge break temperature records

Medicine Lodge soared to 103 degrees on Tuesday, shattering its previous high temperature record for May 6.

That was 95, set in 1986.

Garden City also broke its record for May 6, reaching 96. The old mark was 95 in 1955.

Dodge City tied its record high of 96 originally set in 2004.

Salina tops 100, shatters record

Salina got into the record-breaking act Tuesday, reaching 101 degrees.

That was several degrees above the previous record for May 6, which was 94 in 1955.

Wichita sets another heat record

The temperature reached 99 in Wichita on Tuesday afternoon, falling short of another early triple-digit day but shattering the record for highest reading on May 6.

The old record was 91, set in 1986. Clouds rolling into the area late Tuesday afternoon stymied the push for 100, but not many folks were complaining..

Forecasters said some light precipitation even fell from some of those clouds, but the air close to the surface is so dry it evaporated the rain before it could reach the ground.

For more information on current conditions, go to our weather page.

Another record for Sunday’s heat in Wichita

The record-setting heat on Sunday in Wichita claimed another mark, according to the National Weather Service.

When the thermometer hit 102, it set a record for the earliest highs reached 101 or more in the city — by an entire month.

The previous mark for a temperature of at least 101 was June 4, set in 1933.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was only a few months into his first term as president then…and the Great Depression had the nation’s economy in its grip.

As the temperature rose, records fell

As sizzlers go, Sunday reached the summit in Wichita.

The high of 102 didn’t just shatter the record high for May 4, it set the mark for earliest 100-degree day in Wichita history. The old daily record of 94 dated back to 1963. The previous earliest 100 was May 9, set in 2011.

Salina also set a record Sunday, reaching 96. That topped the old mark of 95 in 2012.

Chanute also erased a record, reaching 94. That broke a record more than 100 years old, since the previous mark was 92 set in 1909.

Incidentally, the 100 in May back in 2011 turned out to be something of a sign of things to come for Wichita that year. There were a total of 53 100-degree days in 2011, more than in any other year in the city’s history.