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Another round of rain nibbles into Wichita’s precipitation deficit

Nearly an inch of rain fell late Sunday night and early Monday in Wichita, nibbling away at the still-substantial moisture deficit in the city.

The .81 of an inch hoisted Wichita’s June rainfall total to 6.09 inches, according to the National Weather Service. That’s about 2 inches above normal for the month.

For the year, Wichita has recorded 12.16 inches. That’s still 3.75 inches below normal for this time of year.

There are more chances for rain later this week, with Wednesday currently shaping up as the best bet.


Sunday morning rainfall around Kansas

Much of Kansas received at least some rain late Saturday and early Sunday. This map generated by the National Weather Service shows the most widespread heavy rain fell across a wide section of southern Kansas.


Officially, Wichita recorded .97 of an inch, though varying amounts fell elsewhere in the city and the metropolitan area.

A week’s worth of rain

The National Weather Service has produced a map showing how much rain fell over much of Kansas over the 7-day period ending Tuesday morning. Wichita recorded a little more than 3 inches at the official reporting site next to Mid-Continent Airport.


Other parts of the city saw much more than that and others much less – such was the isolated nature of some hard downpours.

Another .25 fell in a short period of time later on Tuesday, lifting Wichita’s rainfall for the month to 4.06 inches. At Jabara Airport in northeast Wichita, however, the total for May is just 3.32 inches.

Rains dent Wichita’s precipitation deficit

The rainy holiday weekend pushed Wichita above normal for the month of May, weather officials say.

The combined rainfall total since May 22 is 3.26 inches at the official recording station next to Mid-Continent Airport in southwest Wichita. Rains were isolated, however, which explains why downtown Wichita received much more rain than that and north Wichita much less.

For the month, Wichita has logged 3.81 inches of rain through Monday morning. That’s .08 above normal for the month.

It pushed Wichita’s rainfall for the year to 5.82 inches, which is still 5.2 inches below normal.

Holiday weekend rains targeting a parched area

I’m not hearing many complaints about rain spoiling holiday plans this Memorial Day weekend.

That’s likely just a reflection of people realizing how much the region needs rain. This map from the U.S. Drought Monitor is dated May 20:


The second graphic shows projected rainfall amounts over the next five days. Read that to mean about 2 inches for Wichita, with more expected close to the Oklahoma border.


Welcome rains elsewhere in Kansas

As these rainfall maps generated by the Dodge City and Topeka offices of the National Weather Service reflect, some badly needed rain fell across much of the Sunflower State this weekend.

It may have come too late to save some of the wheat crop out west, but farmers know that moisture will help fall crops get off to a good start.



Wichita misses out on weekend’s substantial rains

Wichita recorded nearly half an inch of rain over the weekend, but as this map generated by the National Weather Service shows, the city just missed out on much more substantial amounts.

Given the record-setting dry spell that has opened 2014, the heavier rainfall would have been welcome indeed.


The weather service also provided a graphic showing some of the heaviest rainfall totals reported from Sunday’s storms. One unofficial report in Newton topped 4 inches.

The Pretty Prairie rainfall total is particularly meaningful for Wichita residents. The small Reno County town is in the drainage basin for Cheney Reservoir, which is the primary source of water for the city of Wichita.


Make room, 1936: this is now driest start to year in Wichita history

Not even the Dust Bowl was this dry in Wichita.

The dry spell that just won’t let go has thrust 2014 to the top of the charts for driest start to the year in Wichita history.

Through May 8, Wichita has logged just 2.01 inches of precipitation. That’s even less than the 2.37 inches as of the same date in 1936, according to the National Weather Service.


Scattered rainfall across Kansas misses Wichita

As this precipitation map shows, widespread light rain fell across Kansas in the 24 hours leading up to rush hour on Thursday.

But precious little fell on Wichita – and the city missed out on showers that sprang up just east of the city on Thursday night.


Only one year has been drier

This has been one of the driest starts to a year in Wichita history. In fact, only one year – 1936, in the heart of the Dust Bowl – had less precipitation through April 28 than 2014.

Tuesday’s showers did almost nothing to change that. Officially, only .02 fell in Wichita. This graphic produced by the National Weather Service lists the driest opening four months in the city’s history.


There’s no relief on the horizon, either. Dry weather is expected for at least the next week.