Tornado Alley has been remarkably quiet so far this year

For each of the past two years, records have been set for the fewest tornadoes nationwide since records began being kept in 1950.

And 2014 seems eager to join the trend.

With just 68 tornadoes across the country in May as the midway point of the month approached, 2014 was putting up tornado numbers that threaten the current record of 908 set just last year.

It’s easy to see why when you look at the totals for the year in the heart of Tornado Alley.

Kansas, which averages 61 tornadoes a year, has only logged 13 so far in 2014, according to state climatologist Mary Knapp.

Texas has confirmed 12.

Oklahoma – which has been the scene of some of the most devastating tornadoes on record in recent years – has only had 4 tornadoes all year.

Officials say weather patterns now in place and also in the forecast are not conducive to tornado outbreaks, so the low numbers are likely to persist.