Wichita weather: A fresh dusting of snow

Light snow will feather Wichita on Friday, forecasters say, but it shouldn’t be enough to add new headaches to a city still struggling to dig out from under Tuesday’s major storm.

“It’ll be a dusting,” said Mick Maguire of the National Weather Service’s Wichita branch.

Temperatures will actually be warmer Friday than they have been much of the week, but not by much. Highs will only reach the upper teens after crawling up from the mid-single digits.

Southerly winds will flirt with the teens at times, forecasters say, helping to push the wind chill near minus 10 at times. Temperatures could reach the low 30s on Saturday, helping the snowpacked streets start to melt just a bit, but freezing fog could make travel treacherous.

Sunday brings with it another chance for light snow, forecasters say.

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