Friday could offer a double helping of glaze for the Wichita area

The morning commute may be decorated with a light glaze in the Wichita metropolitan area Friday, weather officials say.

It won’t be much, National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Jakub said, but it could still make untreated roads slick.

“The ground is still frozen,” Jakub said. “Any time you get any liquid on the surface, it’ll freeze pretty fast.”

Another round of wintry precipitation – freezing rain, freezing drizzle and sleet – is possible Friday night as well, Jakub said. The moisture could then transition to snow early Saturday morning.

The snowfall won’t amount to much, though: an inch or less in the Wichita area, Jakub said.

A more potent winter system is expected early next week, he said, when most of Kansas could see 2 to 4 inches of snow Monday and Tuesday.