Wichita weather: Bitter cold, clearing skies

Expect a bitterly cold day in the Wichita area today, forecasters say.

Highs will not climb out of the teens, with early snow flurries making way for clearing skies later in the day. North winds will stay in the single digits.

Lows tonight will drop near 0, with wind chills dipping nearly to the negative double digits, forecasters say. Winds will be light and variable, shifting from the east-southeast to the south overnight.

Tuesday should offer more sunshine, forecasters say, with temperatures rising into the low 30s. Wind chills will still be harsh, however, dipping into the negative teens. South winds will be in the teens, gusting to 25 miles an hour at times.

A few clouds will move in Tuesday night, when temperatures bottom out in the low 20s. Christmas Day should be sunny, with highs in the mid-30s.

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