Daily Archives: 12 December, 2013

Wichita weather: Sunny, windy and 40s

After a dip into the 20s on Wednesday, Wichita should rebound into the 40s today under sunny skies.

But it’ll be quite windy, forecasters say, with south-southwesterly winds gusting to more than 25 miles an hour. Clouds will increase tonight, helping lows hit the brakes in the upper 20s, but south winds will remain hearty. Steady breezes will be in the teens, with gusts still pushing 25 miles an hour.

A slight chance of rain and freezing rain arrives Friday morning, forecasters say, with any precipitation transitioning over to rain by afternoon. Highs will again reach the low 40s under cloudy skies.

Winds will be robust and variable, forecasters say, with morning winds in the teens out of the south and then flipping to the north later in the day. Steady afternoon breezes will be lighter, staying mainly in single digits, but gusts will top 20 miles an hour.

The weekend will be a mixed bag, forecasters say, with highs only in the low 30s before rebounding to the mid-40s on Sunday.

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