Daily Archives: 10 December, 2013

Wichita weather: A bit of a warmup

The deep freeze will ease – just a bit – in the Wichita area today, forecasters say.

For the first time in nearly a week, temperatures will climb into the 30s in the metropolitan area. But wind chills will nonetheless dip below 0 at times, pushed by light southerly winds that won’t elbow their way into double digits.

Clear skies will help overnight readings dip almost into the teens, forecasters say, and Wednesday’s highs won’t recover much: only to the upper 20s, perhaps 30 degrees, under sunny skies.

Winds will be biting, however, shifting to the north and northwest and accelerating into the upper teens, with gusts topping 25 miles an hour at times.

Lows will plummet further Wednesday night than they did the night before, falling into the mid-teens.

Thursday could see highs rebound somewhat, forecasters say, with readings in the upper 30s in the Wichita area.

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