Daily Archives: 5 November, 2013

Only light rain Monday night and early Tuesday in metro area

As this rain map from the National Weather Service shows, central Kansas got the rain and the Wichita metropolitan area received scattered sprinkles through 7 a.m. Tuesday. More rain fell later in the day, however.

Take a rain coat to football playoff games

The National Weather Service says a band of rain could move through the Wichita metropolitan area tonight, just in time for the first round of the football playoffs.

Take rain gear – and maybe add a layer to your wardrobe – as you head out to the games.

A gray day of drizzle and light rain had added up to .19 of an inch prior to 4 p.m., with more rain on the way.

Eagle photographer wins award for snow photo

A shot by Eagle photographer Jaime Green has been chosen as the Associated Press 2013 Kansas Photo of the Year. The photo is of a man clearing snow with a snow blower during a snowstorm in February. Congratulations, Jaime!

Wichita weather: Gray and rainy

Tuesday will be soggy in the Wichita area, forecasters say, with drizzle graduating to showers and thunderstorms later in the day.

Highs will be in the upper 50s, with south-southeasterly winds in the teens and gusts approaching 30 miles an hour. Lows are likely to dip into the upper 30s overnight with chances for rain continuing, forecasters say. The wind will switch to the north and be steady in the upper teens with gusts again nearing 30 miles an hour.

Wednesday is expected to bring a dry spell, with skies gradually clearing throughout the day. Highs are projected to only be in the upper 40s to around 50.

For more information on current conditions, go to our weather page.