Snow? In Kansas? Already?

Didn’t the last snow in Kansas melt only a few weeks ago?

The ‘s’ word is already in the forecast again for the Sunflower State, with a couple of inches possible Friday in the northwest corner, forecasters say.

“It’s going to try” to snow there, said Mick McGuire, a meteorologist with the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service.

Wichita won’t see any snow, but the metro area will see highs plunge more than 20 degrees tomorrow to the mid-40s. It’ll be rainy, too – making for a raw, Novemberish kind of day.

Wichita recorded 30 inches of snow last winter – tying for the fifth-highest total in the city’s history – and set a record for latest measurable snowfall. And that doesn’t include the snow flurries that fell in early May.