Tropical storms that hammered Mexico to miss Wichita

Local forecasters say the remnants of Tropical Storm Ingrid – part of a double-barreled blast at Mexico that killed at least 21 people this weekend – won’t make it to Kansas later this week.

Tropical Storm Manuel was already falling apart just inland from the west coast of Mexico.

Hurricanes and tropical storms who come ashore in the southern Pacific have historically been the most common to bring substantial rain to Kansas. The record for most rain in a 24-hour period in Wichita – 10.31 inches on Sept. 12, 2008 – came as a result of the remnants of Hurricane Lowell interacting with a stationary boundary over the region.

Lowell came ashore from the Pacific and the jet stream pulled its remnants into the central Great Plains. Over a three-day period, 11.33 inches of rain fell in Wichita.

Some moisture from the tropical storm could reach Kansas later this week, forecasters say, and showers could result if small fronts move through.