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Tornado that nearly hit Rozel Saturday may be upgraded to an EF-4

The National Weather Service in Dodge City is reporting that wind speed data for the large tornado that touched down in western Pawnee County Saturday night and came within a mile of Rozel indicates the tornado had speeds of up to 185 miles an hour.

That would elevate the tornado’s rating to an EF-4 on the Enhanced Fujita scale. The tornado damaged five farms, including a house in which two people were sheltering. They escaped injury.

Confirmation of the tornado’s wind speeds and EF rating is pending.

Time lapse video of massive tornado striking Moore south of Oklahoma City

A devastating tornado has torn through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore this afternoon. The destruction is reminiscent of what I saw in Greensburg and Joplin. Search and rescue efforts are under way.

Here’s a time lapse video of the tornado….

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Sunday’s violent weather also brought needed rain

The Wichita metropolitan area avoided serious tornado damage from Sunday’s strong storms, though numerous homes and businesses are dealing with hail damage in the aftermath.

The storms also brought some healthy rainfall totals, as this map from the National Weather Service shows.

Video of damaging EF2 tornado near Rozel Saturday

The tornado that just missed Rozel in western Pawnee County Saturday damaged five farms and has been rated an EF2 by the National Weather Service.

The tornado had maximum winds of 130 miles an hour and was about 1,100 yards wide – or nearly two-thirds of a mile – at its widest point. Here’s video of the tornado, shot by the storm chasing group Basehunters Chasing and posted on the weather service website.

The tornado touched down six miles southwest of Rozel and moved northeast for about five miles – coming to within a mile of Rozel – before it turned northwest and dissipated three miles northwest of the city, according to the weather service. The slow-moving tornado was on the ground for 29 minutes and covered about 7 miles.

One farm house about two miles west of Rozel was destroyed, as these damage photos taken during the weather service’s damage survey indicate. However, the couple who lives in the house escaped injury.

Sunday’s tornado southwest of Wichita rated an EF-1

The National Weather Service has rated the tornado that touched down southwest of Wichita Sunday afternoon as an EF-1, with winds of up to 110 miles an hour.

The tornado touched down at about 3:30 p.m. about five miles north of Clearwater and traveled northeast for about 4.5 miles, according to the weather service.

Here’s a photo of the tornado by Shalyn Phillips, who was tracking the storm with Dick McGowan and Darin Brunin.

Damage was reported to multiple homesteads in the area, including power poles, trees and outbuildings. These damage photos, taken by the weather service’s damage survey team, were collected in an area between five miles north of Clearwater and two miles south of Mid-Continent Airport.

No injuries were reported. The tornado prompted the issuance of a “tornado emergency” for the city of Wichita by the National Weather Service, since the tornado was on a track that would have brought it right through the heart of the city if it had stayed on the ground.

Winds were strong enough to snap fully grown trees, but weather researcher Jon Davies said the conditions in the Wichita area weren’t conducive to long-lasting tornadoes – “only brief spin-ups compared to the much better environment in Oklahoma with long track tornadoes there.”

One person was killed in Pottawatomie County in Oklahoma when a tornado decimated a trailer park. More than 20 people were injured.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., logged 28 reports of tornadoes in five states, most of them in Kansas and Oklahoma. Some of those reports, however, could be multiple views of the same tornado.

ABC’s Ginger Zee was tracking the Sedgwick County storm and filed this report last night from outside Clearwater.