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Where Have All the Tornadoes Gone?

The Iowa Environmental Mesonet compiled a compelling map showing how many days it had been since each National Weather Service branch issued a tornado warning. It reflects the extent of the on-going lull in tornado numbers.

The map was as of 5 a.m. on May 10.

Top 10 tornado days in the U.S.

Not surprisingly, Kansas features frequently in a list of the Top 10 tornado days in the United States.

The day of the Greensburg tornado – May 4, 2007 – ranks as the fifth-largest outbreak in the nation’s history.

You can read more about the list on the blog United States Tornadoes.

Storm chasers and tornado tour companies may be unhappy…..

…..but I consider a quiet tornado season to be great news.

We’re being spared the death and destruction tornadoes too often cause. It’s only a matter of time before one of nature’s most violent forms of weather returns, but we should be grateful for the lull while it lasts.

Ask the residents of Joplin or Greensburg or Tuscaloosa how much they miss tornadoes.

Wichita weather: Sunny and warm

Sunshine and highs in the mid-80s are in the forecast for the Wichita area on Monday, forecasters say.

South winds will be light, occasionally climbing into the low teens. Overnight lows will not fall out of the 60s as skies stay mostly clear.

Tuesday could see temperatures climb near 90 under mostly sunny skies, forecasters say. Breezy southwest winds will help temperatures surge, with steady breezes in the teens and gusts topping 30 miles an hour.

Tuesday night should be mostly clear, with lows in the low 60s. South winds will remain gusty, however, topping 30 miles an hour at times.

Chances for showers and thunderstorms arrive Wednesday in the metropolitan area.

For more information on current conditions, go to our weather page.