Rainfall totals from Wichita area’s overnight thunderstorms

Raise your hand if you were awakened by the thunderstorms early Wednesday morning in the Wichita metropolitan area. I know I wasn’t alone.

Here’s a map showing rainfall totals as of 7 a.m. It was created by the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service.

Officially, Wichita recorded .58 of an inch from the overnight storm. That brings the precipitation for the year to 10.14 inches. That’s 1.92 inches above normal, according to meteorologist Ken Cook.

With rain possibilities in the forecast for the next several days, Wichita could see that total climb nicely.

But Cook added a note of perspective: last year at this same time, Wichita had recorded 13.38 inches.

“And then the rain shut off,” he said.

That set the stage for the flash drought that ravaged crops and prompted cities to set water use restrictions.

Dating back to 2010, Cook said, Wichita still has a precipitation deficit of more than 20 inches.