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Severe weather threat shifts north, increasing target zone in Kansas

The warm front is shifting farther north than initially anticipated, prompting the Storm Prediction Center to place more of Kansas under a moderate risk for severe weather today.

“Discrete supercell storms are expected, with a resultant risk of very large hail and a few strong tornadoes,” an SPC statement about the severe weather threat reads.

That means you can expect isolated thunderstorms to pack dangerous potential today.

The moderate zone in Kansas starts just east of Wichita and covers all of southeast Kansas. The southern half of eastern Kansas is included as well.

AccuWeather vice president Mike Smith cautions that some of the tornadoes could form after sunset today, especially in the eastern portions of the threatened area.

Here’s an SPC map depicting the tornado threat. Keep in mind, anything over 5% is pretty substantial. The diagonal lines represent the chances of a tornado happening withing 25 miles of a given point in the highlighted area.

Stay tuned to conditions in your area. Your safety may well depend on it.

Wichita weather: Strong thunderstorms expected

Strong thunderstorms are likely in the Wichita area today, forecasters say.

Highs will be in the upper 50s under cloudy skies in Wichita, with light winds out of the east staying in single digits. The strongest thunderstorms, capable of hail as large as golf balls, are expected to stay north and east of Wichita.

Showers and thunderstorms are likely overnight as well, forecasters say, with lows dropping all the way into the mid-30s. Winds will turn northerly and intensify into the teens, with gusts topping 20 miles an hour.

A mix of rain and snow is expected Thursday, forecasters say, with highs only reaching the low 40s.

For more information on current conditions, go to our weather page.