With severe weather possible in Wichita area, county officials ask “Do you have a plan?”

Sedgwick County officials are urging residents of the Wichita metropolitan area to review their safety plans and assemble or refresh their disaster kit.

Severe weather, including strong winds, hail and tornadoes, is possible in south-central Kansas over the next couple of days.

County officials released a statement with the following information:

Where is the nearest shelter? Don’t wait until severe weather is threatening to identify your shelter. An underground shelter is best, but an interior room without windows on the lowest level is an option as well. In fact, this type of room may be safer than traveling a long distance to find an underground shelter. Anyone residing in a manufactured home should identify an off-site shelter; consider neighbors, relatives, churches or other nearby locations.

Stay tuned to local media outlets when severe weather is predicted. Don’t wait until you hear the sirens.

Coordinate with other family members. If you are apart when severe weather strikes, have a plan to reconnect after the storm has passed.

Consider these items for your emergency kit:

Important documents
Current medications
Food (and pet food)
Clothing and bedding
Tools and supplies
First aid kit

More specific items may be found at www.sedgwickcounty.org.