Wichita weather: Cloudy and colder, and maybe some rain as well

Spring fever is going to have to take a back seat for a spell in the Wichita area, as a cold spell settles in for the next several days.

Highs today will struggle to reach 40 under cloudy skies, forecasters say. There’s a slight chance for rain in the morning and drizzle in the afternoon. Winds will be out of the southeast in the teens, with gusts approaching 30 miles an hour.

Overnight lows are expected to bottom out in the low 30s, with winds shifting to the east and rain chances persisting. Winds will be in the teens, with gusts topping 20 miles an hour.

More rain is possible Friday, with highs creeping into the upper 40s – though that’s still more than 10 degrees below normal for this time of year in Wichita.

A mix of rain, sleet and snow is expected over the weekend, forecasters say.

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