Daily Archives: 26 November, 2012

A new way to measure wind speeds?

I was annoyed by what I thought was a leaf blower outside. It’s the wind!

Amy Palmer’s tweet from windy, snowy Kansas City earlier today made me chuckle.

Then it made me think: why don’t we use descriptive terms or phrases for the wind more often? We have “hail the size of golf balls,” for example.

But how often do we hear the wind speed/strength relayed in ways we quickly grasp? What’s a gale-force wind sound like, for those who haven’t experienced them? What does a 15-mile-an-hour breeze sound like?

Oh, we’ve all heard the cliche about tornadoes sounding like freight trains – the irony being that, for all the tornadoes I’ve been close enough to hear, not one of them made me think of a freight train. Jet engines? Yes. A flowing river? Yes, especially if the tornado is moving over a wheat field or pasture. A freight train? Nope.

I’ve heard wind whisper, whistle, whine, howl.

But what terms or phrases do you use? Let me know at sfinger@wichitaeagle.com, and I’ll share them in another blog post.

Wichita weather: A raw November day

After a remarkably warm Thanksgiving weekend, residents of Wichita and the surrounding area will get a brisk reminder that it really is late November today.

Highs aren’t expect to climb out of the mid-40s in the Wichita area, forecasters say, with blustery north-northeast winds gusting to nearly 30 miles an hour. Skies will be mostly cloudy today, then gradually clear overnight as lows fall into the mid-20s. Winds will ease as well, dropping into the low single numbers.

Tuesday won’t be much warmer, forecasters say, but the winds will be lighter. Highs will inch into the upper 40s, with southerly winds staying in the single digits under mostly sunny skies.

A warming trend appears likely for the rest of the week, forecasters say, with highs climbing into the 60s for the weekend.

For more information on current conditions, go to our weather page.