If a tornado was going to hit your house in 5 minutes…

….what would you take to shelter with you?

The Midway Kansas Chapter of the American Red Cross urges residents of Tornado Alley to make a list of those items – and then make sure they’re close at hand.

Whether it’s a wedding album or collection of family photos or other items close to the heart, Red Cross disaster manager Bryan Saindon says it’s important to make a list ahead of time.

“That way your brain isn’t thinking, ‘Oh, I need to go and grab this’ as the tornado is approaching,” Saindon said.

By already knowing what should be taken, it reduces the chances of losing something “near and dear” if a tornado hits, he said.

The family survival kit – with food, medication, batteries, a radio and other necessary items – should already be ready to go and in a readily accessible location, Red Cross officials say.

Families should also make a 10- or 15-minute list, Raindon said, keeping in mind everything that’s on there should be able to fit in their chosen place of shelter.