Tornado touches down near summit of Mount Evans in Colorado

One of the highest tornadoes ever recorded in the world touched down northeast of Mount Evans’ summit in Colorado on Saturday, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Meghan Evans.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) initially reported that the tornado touched down at 12,500 feet, she wrote on the AccuWeather website, but an update on the Denver/Boulder National Weather Service Facebook page said the estimated elevation of the touchdown was 11,900 feet.

Karen Goodwin photo posted on Twitter

The Mount Evans tornado fell just 100 feet short of the highest tornado ever witnessed, Evans wrote. SPC records indicate a hiker spotted a tornado at 12,000 feet in Sequoia National Park in California on July 7, 2004.

Tornadoes are rare in elevations that high because air flow gets disrupted by the terrain, Evans wrote.

But it’s another reminder that tornadoes can form anywhere if the conditions are right.