Showers settle some dust in the Wichita area and double the rainfall total for July

Chances are you slept through it, but Wichita finally got a bit of rain overnight.

The official rainfall of .13 doubles the city’s total for July, National Weather Service meteorologist Leon Wasinger said.

That also knocks 2012 well down the list of driest Julys on record – not that anybody really minds.

“Julys have been known to get dry” in Wichita, Wasinger said.

Coincidentally, the wettest day of the month was also the hottest: the high of 108 topped the previous record of 105 set in 1964.

The thermometer used for official temperature readings sits in a grassy strip between runways at Mid-Continent Airport, and Wasinger said swirling winds pushed air superheated by the asphalt runways over the temperature sensors and gave readings a bit of an artificial boost. The high at NWS offices about a half-mile away was 105.

Such boosts are rare, he said, but they can happen if the wind is blowing just right.