Daily Archives: 14 June, 2012

Storms enter Wichita forecast

Thunderstorms with strong winds are expected to reach the Wichita metropolitan area early Friday morning, forecasters now say.

The storms will be part of a thunderstorm complex sliding southeast out of central Kansas, bringing with them strong winds and torrential rains, the National Weather Service says. The moisture will be welcome for central and southern Kansas, which have been well below normal for rainfall this spring.

Winds could top 60 miles an hour in the storms, which are expected to reach Wichita sometime after 4 a.m. on Friday.

Wichita weather: Sunny and hotter

Temperatures should climb into the low 90s today under sunny skies in the Wichita area, forecasters say.

They’ve been there a couple times this week already, but higher humidity will make it seem almost tropical in Kansas. South winds in the teens will stir the air a little, though, and gusts may approach 30 miles an hour.

Those winds will ease a little overnight, when lows slip into the upper 60s under mostly clear skies, forecasters say.

Friday will feel a lot like Thursday did in the Wichita area, with highs in the low 90s under sunny skies. South winds will be in the teens, with gusts well into the 20s.

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