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Tornado that raked southeast Wichita rated EF3

The National Weather Service has rated the tornado that tore through Oaklawn and southeast Wichita Saturday night as an EF3, with maximum winds of 165 miles an hour.

The most significant damage occurred on the west side of McConnell Air Force Base and in the Oaklawn area, where the Pinaire Mobile Home Park at 5205 S. Clifton was badly damaged.

The damage survey team is still assessing the tornado’s path, officials say.

A map showing tornado watches, warnings and touchdowns during April 14-15 outbreak

The National Weather Service has produced a map of the tornado watches and warnings issued Saturday and early Sunday morning, along with where tornadoes were reported. It’s rather eye-catching.

Photos of EF4 tornado near Kanopolis Lake Saturday

The tornado that struck near Kanopolis Lake in Ellsworth County early Saturday evening has been given a preliminary rating of EF4 by a National Weather Service damage assessment team. That means it had winds of between 166 and 200 miles per hour.

Here are a couple of photos of that tornado shot by Topeka storm chaser (and my cousin) A.J. Dome.

A farmstead was decimated near the lake, trees were stripped of bark and nearby roads were scoured, officials reported. Because the tornado stayed in rural areas, few structures were damaged.

A map of tornadoes that touched down in western Kansas Saturday

A total of 22 tornadoes were reported to the Dodge City branch of the National Weather Service Saturday.

Damage surveys are ongoing. Path lengths and tornado ratings will be posted later.

It’s likely that the confirmed number of tornadoes will be less than 22, since reports are often multiple sightings of the same tornado.

Video of the April 14 tornado as it moves through southeast Wichita

Storm chaser Brandon Ivey, tracking the storm for KWCH-TV, shot this video of the tornado moving through southeast Wichita at about 10:30 p.m.

Watch for the lightning flashes illuminating this large cone tornado.

Damage assessment teams fan out across Kansas

Meteorologists from numerous National Weather Service bureaus are fanning out across Kansas today to assess the damage wrought by nearly 100 tornadoes that struck the Sunflower State on Saturday.

Of the more than 120 tornado reports logged by the Storm Prediction Center from Saturday’s outbreak, 97 were in Kansas. No fatalities or critical injuries have been reported.

Three survey crews from the Wichita branch are being deployed – one to central Kansas to track the paths from Lyons to past Salina and from Moundridge to Marion Lake; another to southern Kansas to assess the tornado path from south of Anthony to Clearwater; and another for the portion of the tornado’s path from southeast Wichita to beyond El Dorado.

A survey team from the Hastings branch of the weather service will survey a tornado track near Tipton in northcentral Kansas, and teams from the Dodge City branch will be surveying damage paths for numerous tornadoes that struck in western and central Kansas.

Results will be released later today.

Nearly 100 tornadoes in Kansas alone on Saturday

Weather officials had been warning of a tornado outbreak on the Great Plains for days.

Boy, did it deliver.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., logged 120 tornado reports as of 2 a.m. Sunday – and 97 of them were in Kansas. Remarkably, no deaths have been reported in Kansas, even though one large tornado ripped through south Wichita, Oaklawn, and other parts of the metropolitan area.

At least two people have been killed by a tornado that struck Woodward, Okla., however.

Storms are continuing to rumble through the area through the early morning hours of Sunday, and a tornado watch remains in effect until 6 a.m. for nearly one-third of Kansas – including the Wichita metropolitan area.

New tornado watch until 6 a.m. includes Wichita metropolitan area

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch until 6 a.m. for 32 counties in central and eastern Kansas, including the Wichita metropolitan area.

Here’s the list of counties:


Photo of tornado just outside of Salina

This tornado touched down just northeast of Salina, Melanie Metz said.

“A close call,” she called it.

Tornado near Crawford tonight

Melanie Metz sent this photo of another tornado produced by the cycling supercell that moved through central Kansas earlier tonight. This was near Crawford, Melanie tells me.