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Latest severe weather outlook shifts threat north of Wichita

The latest atmospheric data has prompted the Storm Prediction Center to shift and shrink the slight risk area. Wichita is no longer included in the zone.

Updated outlook spreads severe weather threat to Kansas-Oklahoma border

Today’s severe weather threat has expanded to include more of Kansas, according to the latest outlook posted by the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla.

The expanded area now stretches essentially to the Oklahoma border. The western boundaries include St. John and Russell in central Kansas and goes as far east as just east of Springfield, MO. Conditions are becoming more favorable for severe storms in central and eastern Kansas, SPC forecasters state.

“Very large hail, damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes will be possible with the stronger cells,” an SPC statement reads.

Not surprisingly, storm chasers are converging on the Sunflower State.

Isolated thunderstorms in Wichita area could produce large hail…and possibly a tornado or two

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk of severe weather today in most of eastern Kansas and portions of Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Wichita and Kansas City are included in the risk area. Meteorologists at the SPC warn of “a risk of supercells capable of very large hail, damaging winds and perhaps a tornado or two.”

Monitor conditions and be prepared to take shelter as conditions warrant.

Wichita weather: Afternoon showers and thunderstorms possible

Isolated showers and thunderstorms are possible in the Wichita area this afternoon and evening, forecasters say.

Some of the thunderstorms may be severe, with hail the size of quarters and winds topping 60 miles an hour. Highs today will be in the low 80s, with south winds in the teens. Gusts will touch 20 miles an hour.

Storms could linger past midnight, forecasters say. Lows will slip only to the mid-60s. More showers and thunderstorms are possible Thursday, and they could turn severe in the evening. Highs Thursday will be in the mid-80s. South winds will be in the teens, gusting to nearly 30 miles an hour.

For more information on current conditions, go to our weather page.

Wichita weather: Cloudy with a slight chance of showers

It’ll be cloudy and warm today in the Wichita metropolitan area, forecasters say. with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Highs will be in the upper 70s, with south winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. Showers and thunderstorms are also possible overnight, with lows slipping to the mid-50s.

Wednesday will see more chances for showers, with highs climbing into the low 80s. Southeast winds will start out light early in the day, forecasters say, then strengthen later on and gust to more than 25 miles an hour.

Thursday should be mostly sunny and pleasant, with highs in the upper 70s.

For more information on current conditions, go to our weather page.

Wichita weather: A pleasant, if breezy, spring day

Sunny skies, highs in the 80s and some wind out of the south are in the forecast today for the Wichita area.

Forecasters say those winds will gain strength as the day unfolds, climbing into the low 20s at times. Gusts are expected to top 30 miles an hour.

A slight chance of showers arrives late Monday night and lingers for the next few days, forecasters say. Overnight lows may slip below 60, then temperatures will rebound to near 80 on Tuesday under mostly cloudy skies. South winds will be in the teens.

For more information on current conditions, go to our weather page.

How much did it rain this week?

The National Weather Service has put together a map showing how much it rained in southeast and central Kansas this week. There are some nice totals in the area – but I’m sure folks will be pleased by the dry weekend knocking on the door, too.

A Kansas writer reflects on the intimacy of rain

National Public Radio featured a commentary/essay about spring in Kansas this week. Cheryl Unruh is a columnist for the Emporia Gazette and is the author of “Flyover People: Life on the Ground in a Rectangular State.”

It’s a delightfully evocative piece. Enjoy.

Wichita weather: Here comes the sun

A gray soggy week closes with the return of sunshine to the Wichita area.

Clouds will gradually move out today, forecasters say, with highs climbing into the mid-60s. North winds will creep into the low teens at times.

The weekend should offer more sunshine and highs in the mid-70s. But mornings will be foggy, forecasters say. The fog should lift after 10 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday.

For more information on current conditions, go to our weather page.

Eye of massive storm over Wichita

The storm system that has brought severe weather to the Deep South again this morning is huge – so large, in fact, that the eye of the massive, rotating system is located near Wichita.

You can see it in a couple of images shown below. This first one is from

The second satellite image is from a GOES satellite, or Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite.

Thanks to storm chaser and severe weather photographer Jim Reed for calling this unique development to my attention via Twitter.