Hermine is almost here

The remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine are closing in on Wichita, forecasters say, with rain already reported in Wellington and Derby.

Expect a light, steady rain to persist through dawn Thursday, forecasters say, with an inch or two falling in Wichita and heavier amounts south and east of the metro area.

“It does look like southeastern Kansas is going to get quite a bit more” rain, WeatherData meteorologist Phil Warren said.

Chanute, for instance, could get 6 inches of rain, he said. Butler County may receive 3 inches.

A trough moving east will be pushing the heaviest rain away from Wichita, Warren said, so the city could receive a welcome soaking rather than amounts that could induce flooding.

But the National Weather Service is keeping the flood watch through Thursday intact for the city because the storm’s remnants feature tight gradients.

That means the system is organized in such a way that two cities not that far apart on the map could receive significantly different rainfall amounts.

“We’re just on the western edge” of the heavier rain, said Chris Jakub, a National Weather Service meteorologist, so the flood watch for Wichita is being maintained as a precaution.