Daily Archives: 5 April, 2010

A stormy day for central Kansas?

Storm chasers are converging on the Sunflower State today, hopeful that they’ll see tornadoes develop in central Kansas.

The Storm Prediction Center has posted a slight risk for severe weather in a large chunk of the state. The better chances for tornadoes appear to be in portions of Missouri and Iowa, however.

The key for strong storm development in central Kansas will be whether the capping inversion, or “cap,” erodes enough for the thunderstorms to push into the upper atmosphere. A “cap” forms when a layer of warm air sets up in the upper levels of the atmosphere, which hinders the development of thunderstorms.

Stay tuned.

Windy and warm today for Wichita

Morning clouds should gradually make way for sunshine on a windy Monday for the Wichita area, forecasters say.

Highs should creep into the low 80s, with southerly winds intensifying from the teens to the 20s, with gusts surging to nearly 40 miles an hour.

Scattered strong storms are possible in central Kansas today, with hail and strong winds a threat with any storms that develop.

Strong winds will persist overnight in the Wichita area, with lows only dropping to the mid-60s. There’s a slight chance for thunderstorms in the metropolitan area Tuesday morning, forecasters say.

For more information on current conditions, check our weather page.