Daily Archives: 21 January, 2010

Thunder? In Kansas?? In January????

Yes, that was thunder rumbling in the skies over Wichita Wednesday night. Folks were reporting lightning flashes along with the light rain that fell.

But, no, that doesn’t mean winter’s on its way out.

“About this time of year, between now and March, we can have just about everything,” National Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Darmofal said.

Warmer air has moved into the region over the past few days, and with pulses of energy moving through, that can create the instability that triggers thunder and lightning.

More thunderstorms are in the forecast for Friday night, forecasters say. So tune in for the rumbles.

The first tornado of the year…..

…..in the United States touched down Tuesday. If you predicted it would be in Santa Barbara County in California, go buy a lottery ticket.

Three tornadoes were reported in suburban Los Angeles Tuesday, including two that struck parts of Huntington Beach. One lifted a limo and flipped an SUV, while the other hoisted numerous catamarans and damaged a pier.

Having spent time on the shore at Huntington Beach, I was very curious exactly where the tornadoes struck. Preliminary reports indicated the tornadoes touched down offshore and then came onto land.

Storm spotter training schedule set

I consider it one of the early signs of the coming spring: the release of the National Weather Service storm spotter training class schedule.

It means spring can’t be that far away.

The full schedule of classes in southern and southeast Kansas can be found here.

Classes in the Wichita metropolitan area will be held March 3 in Wellington, March 9 in Wichita, and March 11 in Newton and El Dorado.

The Wichita class will be held at 7 p.m. at Northwest High School.

Clouds, a bit of fog, then clearing for Wichita

Cloudy skies and spotty fog can be expected in the Wichita area this morning, forecasters say, but skies should gradually clear later in the day.

Highs are projected to reach the upper 40s, with north winds touching double digits at times during the day.

More fog is anticipated overnight as lows slip to just below freezing and winds become calm. But then southerly winds will arrive and hoist temperatures Friday into the upper 50s. Thunderstorms are possible Friday night.

For more information on conditions, go to our weather page.