Daily Archives: 9 December, 2008

A snowy irony

The Kansas Department of Transportation reported this morning that seven of its eight static cameras designed to display road conditions around the state were showing light snow.

The only camera not showing snow? Goodland – the snowiest National Weather Service outpost in Kansas.

Wichita, meet winter

As the first measurable snowfall of the winter descends on Wichita – primarily sideways, because of the strong northerly winds – motorists are once again acting as if they’ve never seen this stuff before.

Authorities are telling me that drivers are acting as if the roads are perfectly normal…and that’s creating numerous slide-offs and collisions as they discover too late that they’re wrong.

This happens every winter, unfortunately. Tom Hein, a Kansas Department of Transportation spokesman, even called today a “learning-curve storm,” meaning it’s the wake-up call that winter has arrived.

The National Weather Service is now saying as much as 4 inches of snow could fall in the metro area by the time the fast-moving storm passes into southeastern Kansas.

But keep an eye on forecasts and conditions. That number could easily change.

And slow down out there. Please.