Daily Archives: 9 September, 2008

Hurricane Ike could be deja vu all over again for Kansas

Hurricane Ike appears destined to come ashore in Texas – much farther west than Gustav, which made landfall west of New Orleans in Louisiana.

But the impact on Kansas figures to be very similar.

“It’s going to be deja vu,” said Dick Elder, the meteorologist-in-charge of the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service.

Computer models suggest Ike will come ashore, take a sharp right turn as it links with an upper-level flow and dump on Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma and Missouri. Southeast Kansas may suffer a soaking as well, Elder said.

Wichita would be indirectly impacted, much as it was by Gustav: systems moving in from the northwest could stall — or even back up — as Ike bullies its way into the Mississippi Valley.

There’s a chance that Ike could come ashore so far west in Texas that its remnants get caught up in a different weather pattern, Elder said. If that happens, Kansas won’t be touched at all. But it’s too early yet to have a definitive answer.

Stay tuned.

One cool September so far for Wichita

The average temperature in Wichita so far this month is 66 degrees – nearly nine degrees below normal for this time of year.

Not surprisingly, a number of records have been set in Wichita and the surrounding area.

For instance: The high temperature Friday in Wichita was 63, shattering the previous record for lowest high temperature of 68, set in 1962. Saturday’s high in Wichita was only 62, breaking the old mark of 66 set in 1920.

More records fell in Salina and Russell. The high temperature in Russell on Sept. 3 was 64, breaking the previous record from 1972 by one degree. On Sept. 6, the high of 61 broke the old record set in 1993 by six degrees.

Salina, meanwhile, hit 68 on Sept. 5, tying the record for lowest high set in 1962. The next day’s high of 61 broke the 1996 record by a whopping eight degrees.

South of Wichita, Chanute got into the record-setting business by peaking at 62 degrees on Sept. 6. That was six degrees lower than the old mark set in 1993.