Daily Archives: 24 April, 2008

Poised and ready…..

Storm chasers and weather researchers are scattered throughout central and western Kansas and southern Nebraska, each striving to be in position for the outbreak of severe weather that is anticipated tonight.

I’m told chasers are stationed in Dodge City, Hays, Hill City, Great Bend and near Kinsley in Kansas and near McCook in Nebraska. I’m sure there are others elsewhere, and I’ll add them as I hear about them.

Be on alert today, Kansas

Udall, Hoisington, Greensburg — all hammered by large tornadoes in the dark.

It could happen again today, forecasters say. A classic setup for a tornado outbreak in the Great Plains is taking shape over Kansas and Nebraska today, with the greatest risk for tornadoes and large hail coming after 7 p.m. NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center has much of central and northern Kansas under a moderate risk, but areas east of there will also be threatened as the evening lengthens.

Stay tuned to conditions and forecasts throughout the day.