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Pitt State’s new Web site, and more schools join the Twitterverse

I’m liking Pitt State’s new site — — more for function than flash. Not to bag on the old site but … it had a real 1997-ish feel to it and it was a pain to navigate. The new site is crisp. Teams on the left. General info on the top. Click on a player’s bio and no more pop-ups that look like the online putting game you get every now and then. So props to PSU. And, lest I forget, they’re also on Twitter. So now, that I know of, that puts Butler, Emporia State and Pitt State in the Twitterverse amongst Sunflower Slate teams. I’m generally disgusted by Twitter but I think in this particular use … it’s tolerable.


JuCo bowl games in Pittsburg, Hutch … but not Wichita

Here’s the link to the Pittsburg Sun’s story by Matthew Clark on the JuCo bowl situation in Kansas.

Here’s how it breaks down — an anonymous bowl committee set up a game, the Mid-America Bowl — that was supposed to be played at Wichita State’s Cessna Stadium on Dec. 6, 2009. The NJCAA said that the powers-that-be behind this game called them and said it wasn’t going to go off, and the national office didn’t get much more than that.

But, that leaves two bowl games left in Kansas. The Citizens Bank Bowl in Pittsburg (Dec. 9) that will be played at PSU’s Carnie Smith Stadium, and the Salt City Bowl in Hutchinson. Presumably, these are bowls set up to facilitate the local schools — Fort Scott for the game in Pittsburg and Hutchinson for the game in Hutch. Under that same presumption, I’m assuming the Wichita bowl game would have been a vehicle for Butler. And, of course, there’s a chance that one of these game could end up the national championship game featuring the Region VI champion, because hey, that’s where the champ has come from the last two years.

One thing to ponder: Who was behind the Wichita game and why did it fall apart? Were three games just too much for one state? Anyways … more on this later. But having these bowl games can only help. Gotta think Hutch’s new digs are set up perfectly for an event like this.


Spring football (Pitt State & Emporia State)



Thought a little spring football update was in order, now that Emporia State and Pitt State have both wrapped things up … but first lemme let everybody know that Sunflower Slate has gone national — our post on Phillipsburg’s Dylan Frantz got picked up on a Cornell (that’s in NY, people) basketball blog. So we’re shining on the East Coast. Gotta love Cornell … one of my all-time fave authors, Thomas Pynchon, went to school there, and so did his homeboy Richard Farina. Imagine those two, circa 1958, taking a writing class from Vladimir Nabokov? Man.

Here we go:

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Roll Call’s spring debut, a letter from Morocco and Joaquin Phoenix is still nuts

Roll Call, still in its infancy, is opening its beautiful little baby eyes and looking at spring sports now, which means my little darling is going to be honoring the best of baseball, softball and track & field for the next three months or so.

So let’s get it started.




Pittsburg State’s Taylor House might not be big (5-foot-9, 175 pounds), but dude packs a punch. Your MIAA hitter of the week went 9 for 14 in four games against Southwest Baptist last week, racking up a home run, two triples, seven RBIs and seven runs. Yeah … that might help his stats a little bit.

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Football signings, MIAA edition

So there’s a lot of small colleges in Kansas, which means a lot of football teams which means … a lot of dudes going to play college ball. Which means that hopefully I’ve got everybody here — for sake of space and not making you sift through everything I’m putting links to the school’s specific web sites and recruiting lists and in the cases where that doesn’t exist, I’ve just typed the names in. With a few thoughts of my own added, of course. Today is a breakdown of the MIAA schools, tomorrow (hopefully) we’ll take a look at the KCAC and then this weekend sometime, the Jayhawk.


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Butler, Friends and PSU all one step closer

Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always To be blest.
-Alexander Pope

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There were a couple of big upsets in state college sports Friday and none bigger than the one right here in the Air Capitol by the newly-minted NCAA Division II Newman Jets, who defeated No. 7-ranked Drury University 3-2. Much props to Brian Alvarez, a fellow Wichita Northwest graduate who scored one of Newman’s three goals. He gets his picture on this blog right here, right now, because he’s a Grizzly. And he’s a pretty good soccer player. But more because he’s a Grizzly.

Brian Alvarez, Newman

Brian Alvarez, Newman

Newman SID Brian Petrotta wrote a great story on the game.

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Welcome to the Jungletron

This picture was sent to me by Carla Wehmyer, part of Pittsburg State’s PR department. So thanks, Carla.

And more importantly, WELCOME TO THE JUNGLETRON

I mentioned the new scoreboard at Pittsburg State in my notebook a couple of weeks ago, but for those not in the know, this $1.7 million monolith will make its debut on Saturday as the No. 7-ranked Gorillas (2-0) take on Missouri Southern (2-0) in the annual Miner’s Bowl. Pittsburg State has won two tough, close games on the road and their fans are chomping at the bit to see them and the new addition to Carney-Smith Stadium.

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