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MIAA, KCAC and Jayhawk title races

Fort Hays State's Craig Nicholson (FHSU photo)

Fort Hays State’s Craig Nicholson (FHSU photo)

Title races are coming down to the wire in the MIAA, KCAC and Jayhawk — along with races for league MVPs, where it’s not hard to identify the players who have separated themselves as the best.

Here’s a look at the men’s and women’s title races in each league:

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Top 10 stories of 2013

Cowley College won its second NJCAA D2 volleyball championship in three years in October.

Cowley College won its second NJCAA D2 volleyball championship in three years in October.

There wasn’t one story that blew all the others out of the water in the state/juco ranks this year, where in 2012 it seemed like it was just one after another. Still, there were a lot of stories that turned heads, including one that continued over from 2012.

Here’s my Top 10 stories for 2013:

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All-Sunflower Slate football


Friends linebacker Marcus Carter

Friends linebacker Marcus Carter

The first All-Sunflower Slate football team is comprised of players from the schools in our coverage area — four MIAA teams, 10 teams from the KCAC and eight schools in the Jayhawk. My fear going in was that the team would skew toward the MIAA or the Jayhawk more than the KCAC, but it didn’t turn out that way at all.

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Saturday’s Jayhawk, KCAC and MIAA scores


No. 8 Butler 19, No. 18 Hutchinson 16 FINAL/6 OT

Fort Scott 53, Arkansas Baptist 36 FINAL

Highland 56, Independence 30 FINAL

Garden City (2-6, 2-4) at Coffeyville (3-5, 2-4), 7 p.m.


No. 18 Friends 46, Bethany 20 FINAL

Kansas Wesleyan 38, Bethel 34 FINAL

No. 11 Tabor 29, McPherson 14 FINAL

No. 21 Sterling 40, Saint Mary 13 FINAL

No. 13 Ottawa 82, Southwestern 21 FINAL


No. 12 Pittsburg State 34, No. 4 Missouri Western 14 FINAL

No. 10 Washburn 42, Lindenwood 35 FINAL

Fort Hays State 45, Lincoln 35 FINAL


Jayhawk, MIAA and KCAC title races

I’m back after a week of prep duty — I filled in for Joanna Chadwick over at — but I’m back and taking a look at conference races in the Jayhawk, MIAA and KCAC. That and hand out some midseason awards for the KCAC and MIAA.

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Saturday’s MIAA, KCAC, Jayhawk football scores


No. 10 Pittsburg State 28, Abilene Christian 20 FINAL

No. 15 Washburn 44, Southwest Baptist 21 FINAL

No. 24 Emporia State 52, Lincoln 14 FINAL

Fort Hays State 34, William Jewell 17 FINAL


No. 15 Butler 20, No. 16 Garden City 10 FINAL

Fort Scott 63, Independence 7 FINAL

Highland 21, Coffeyville 14 FINAL


No. 20 Friends 45, KWU 22 FINAL

No. 10 Ottawa 34, McPherson 7 FINAL

Sterling 54, Bethany 27 FINAL

No. 15 Tabor 42, Southwestern 3 FINAL

Saint Mary 45, Bethel 37 FINAL


Title races in the KCAC, MIAA and Jayhawk will give you a headache

This is already shaping up to be a memorable year for the three Sunflower Slate conferences — the KCAC, MIAA and Jayhawk — with just over a month of the season under their belts and already a pair of huge upsets (Sterling over No. 8 Tabor and Highland over No. 4 Butler) and 3 of the 4 Kansas teams from the MIAA undefeated and ranked (No. 10 Pitt State, No. 15 Washburn, No. 24 Emporia State).

So what needs to be done in the latter half of the season to close out a title, playoff berth, bowl bid or all of the above?

Let’s take a look at each conference:

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Saturday’s MIAA, KCAC and Jayhawk football scores


No. 24 Emporia State 45, Northeastern State 24 FINAL

No. 12 Pittsburg State 59, Lincoln 38 FINAL

No. 18 Washburn 28, Central Oklahoma 19 FINAL

No. 6 Missouri Western 52, Fort Hays State 21 FINAL

No. 3 Northwest Missouri 54, Nebraska-Kearney 7 FINAL


Sterling 46, No. 8 Tabor 45 FINAL/OT whoa

Friends 36, Southwestern 30 FINAL

Saint Mary 45, Bethany 15 FINAL

No. 12 Ottawa 69, Bethel 34 FINAL

McPherson 23, Kansas Wesleyan 7 FINAL



Hutchinson 36, Highland 20 FINAL

No. 14 Garden City 33, Fort Scott 14 FINAL

No. 15 Dodge City 42, Independence 17 FINAL

Off: No. 12 Butler (4-1, 3-1), Coffeyville (3-2, 2-1)



Sunflower Slate turns 5: THE COACHES

“The dead have come to take the living. The dead in winding-sheets, the regimented dead on horseback, the skeleton that plays a hurdy-gurdy …. Thomson is out in center field now dodging fans who come in rushes and jumps. They jump against his body, they want to take him to the ground, show him snapshots of their families.” 

-Don DeLillo, “Underworld” 

Sunflower Slate’s three-day birthday celebration is at its end — I wrote about the five most memorable games on Wednesday, five most memorable players on Thursday and I’m capping things off with the five most memorable coaches today. Again, these aren’t my favorites, necessarily, but the most memorable.


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Sunflower Slate turns 5: THE PLAYERS

“When Boobie Miles returned to the football field, no one called out his name with those bellowing chants that had rocked the Watermelon Feed in a moment that seemed like a millennium before. There were no bursts of applause, no coach’s speech comparing him to the great Permian runners of the past, no take-your-sweet-time walk down the aisle of the crowded high school cafeteria. In the space of five weeks he had become an afterthought whose past performance earned no special privilege and seemed largely forgotten.” 

-H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger, “Friday Night Lights”

I’m continuing with our three-part series today celebrating Sunflower Slate turning 5 years old. Yesterday I did the 5 most memorable games, today I’ll continue with the 5 most memorable players I’ve covered. This was, by far, the hardest list to narrow down of the three, and I went back over five years of blog posts and stories. Not all of these athletes were All-Americans, necessarily, but they each had stories that stuck with me for different reasons.

Tomorrow, we’ll finish things off with the coaches.

Here you go:

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