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Newman’s Georgia Drewes wins USBC national bowling title

Eagle staff

Wichita State’s Geoffrey Young and Newman’s Georgia Drewes won titles at the USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships on Saturday in Lincoln, Neb.

The WSU men lost in the final of the Team Championships, falling to Webber International 2 1/2 – 1/2. Webber won the best-of-3 series 179-167, 203-203, 194-184.

In the men’s singles final, Young beat Midland’s Joe Steiner 245-191. Young opened with strikes in six of the first seven frames.

“This is unbelievable because not in a million years did I think singles would be on TV, and I would be the one winning it all,” Young was quoted as saying at Bowl.com. “I was pretty nervous at first, but I calmed down and focused on what I needed to do.”

The event will by shown on tape on CBS Sports Network on May 4.

Young rolled a 242 in the semifinals to beat Calumet’s Anthony Fiorenzo.

Drewes beat Nebraska’s Elise Bolton 204-147 in the final, She reached the final by beating WSU’s Jazreel Tan 226-207 in the semifinals.

“I was more nervous when I was on the practice lanes, and I actually thought I would be sickly nervous when I got on the lanes, but it wasn’t too bad,” Drewes said. “My heart was beating pretty fast, but I just kept to my routine.”

Football “taxi squads” create divide in Jayhawk Conference

First, here’s my article that is running at Kansas.com and in Sunday’s print edition of The Eagle.

The Jayhawk Conference is expanding its football rosters to 59 from 55 from 2012 – adding four out-of-state players to a “taxi squad” that can play in non-conference games (including bowls). During conference play, schools can still only use 12 out-of-state players but that group of 12 can be switched out week-to-week. In the past, you could only swap an out-of-state player in the first 3 games. Which also meant that if your all-star from Florida or Georgia or California or wherever got hurt in the 10th game, there went your season.

Hutchinson coach Rion Rhoades spearheaded this movement – big opposition came from Butler coach Troy Morrell, who wanted things to stay the way they were. His big beef? Cuts down on opportunities for Kansas kids.

Here’s a look at the evolution of football rosters in the Jayhawk:

1965 –  40 players on roster, 10 could be out-of-staters

1979 – 45 allowed on roster, 40 suit up for games, 10 -out-of-staters

1987 – 55 allowed on roster, 40 suit up for games, 10 out-of-staters

1988 – 55 allowed on roster, 45 suit up for games, 10 out-of-staters

1991 – 55 suit up for games, 10 out-of-staters

1999 – 12 out of staters




Cowley softball building around Haley Strawn

Here’s my feature on Cowley College second baseman Haley Strawn that ran in Saturday’s Eagle and at Kansas.com. Strawn, a freshman from Oklahoma City, was recruited by coach Ed Hargrove to play outfield this year and then shortstop next season – her two natural positions. When Cowley’s second baseman left the team before the season started, Strawn stepped up. How she was able to learn the position was really amazing – read the article to find out how.

Oh yeah, she’s also one of the best hitters in the nation.