Ottawa’s Clarence Anderson chasing NFL dream


Here’s my article on Ottawa wide receiver/return specialist Clarence Anderson trying to make his way to the pro football ranks – closing in on draft day he seems like he’s put himself in a spot to get a training camp invite as a free agent with an NFL team or wind up in the Canadian Football League. Arena Football, in my opinion, would be the third option at this point.

Anderson dominated at the NAIA level – 6,799 career all-purpose yards, 53 touchdowns & 3 NAIA playoff bids – but the two biggest knocks on him so far have been the lack of competition he faced in college and his size. The Wichita Southeast product is 5-foot8 3/4 inches and 169 pounds right now, but had trouble keeping weight on during his career and usually played at 155-160.

But that speed? It’s world class on a football field, no matter who he’s playing against. And that’s why he’s probably the only guy out of the KCAC in the last 5 years, in my opinion, with a legitimate shot of making an NFL roster. He made his name on special teams before becoming a great wide receiver and there’s spots for guys like that in the league.

With a guy like this, we’ve written about him quite a bit in his time at Ottawa:

-A big win over No. 18 Bethany his senior year

-A Run ‘N Gun on Clarence from 2010 – “10 reasons this man is smiling

-Clarence torching Friends in Wichita for the 2009 KCAC title

-…and doing it again in 2010

-Here’s a link to his highlight film – it’s about 14 minutes but you can get a good idea of everything the guy can do… mainly that speed I was talking about.


PS. Oh yeah, there’s this. He sang at Carnegie Hall.