Great deal for KCAC, HAAC in football

Great news today out of the KCAC, which announced an agreement with the HAAC (Benedictine, Baker, MANU & Co.) to play a series of games beginning in 2013. The games will be played according to the previous year’s finish, and the first round will be hosted by the KCAC.

I love it. Amazing idea. These leagues, as long as they remain NAIA, need each other. It reminds me of the deal between the Jayhawk Conference and the SWJCCC aka the Texas JuCos and NEO that has given us so many great season openers in the past, including 2008′s Butler-Blinn game at Cessna Stadium here in Wichita that drew over 13,000 people.

Also, it makes sure that schools don’t conjure up lame excuses not to play that extra, 11th game the KCAC is now allowed. Like what happened this year.

Here’s the full link from the KCAC.

Now all that’s left is to start making moves on the national level. I feel like we saw the first fruits of the KCAC’s Sports Initiative with McPherson’s run at the NAIA DII Tournament this year. This fall will be the big test with the extra game.

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Can’t wait to see this …