Sunflower Slate: The Mystery of the Mike Garrison Post

On June 25, 2009, I was having a pretty good day, mainly because of a killer interview I’d done with former Butler and current Fort Hays State quarterback Mike Garrison. I knew it was killer not because of any great question I’d asked, but because Garrison opened up that day. I’d talked to him a few times before and it had been pretty standard. But on that day, for some reason, he let it fly. And I tricked out the post with some pics, a Disturbed video … made it look good.

You can look at it right here.

I remember the post well only because I got some props for it. Our sports editor, Kirk Seminoff, sent me an e-mail and said he liked it. Fort Hays State SID Ryan Prickett did the same, and also linked it to FHSU’s site. It got decent traffic for a few days … and then it faded out of our daily reports and into Sunflower Slate history. Garrison played really great to good football the next couple of years and that was that.

Then a couple of months ago, something happened.

Our daily report that track hits to our blogs, stories, galleries and videos started to register the post was getting hits again. Between 60-80 per day. And it has never stopped. That is, in my estimation, close to 5,000 hits in the last two months. That’s a lot for my little blog.

And I have no idea why. Comments were closed on the post a long time ago, otherwise I’d just ask on the comment section. Is it because of the Disturbed video? Is it because Garrison, who is 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, is an NFL prospect? Is it because of former WVU president Mike Garrison?

This post is about as Encyclopedia Brown as I’m going to get. I’d really like to know what the deal is. If you have any idea, either comment below or shoot me an e-mail at … until then, happy trails, and here’s a video of Garrison in action.