Bad news for Newman

Double bad news, that is.

First, the Newman women. And this one is devastating. Forward Kellindra Zackery is out for the year with an ACL tear. She hurt her knee in the first four minutes of last Friday’s opener against East Central.

“It is very tough to deal with, but we have to move forward,” Newman coach Jaime Green told me Wednesday. “And it’s scary for Kellindra, because she’s never had an injury like this, but she is a classy young woman who will rise above the situation.

Surgery hasn’t been scheduled yet for KZ, who was hands down Newman’s best player going into the season. Green told me the former South Carolina/Rutgers/Labette CC standout would try to obtain a medical redshirt.

“We’ve got a great compliance team, and I’m going to leave all of that to them,” Green said.

On the men’s side, point guard Bobby Wesley looks like he’s out for the year with a knee injury.

What’s it mean? A lot.

For the Newman women, it means it’s time to rework those expectations. With KZ, they were a team that was going to contend for the Heartland Conference crown. She had All-American capabilities. Now, they’ve still got a good team but it’s going to take some time to rewire that group to not have her around. They could still be good, it just might take a little longer.

For the men, losing Wesley hurts. He was the best point guard on the floor when they lost their exhibition game to WSU a couple of weeks ago and Mark Potter has said since he signed BW that he thought he could be one of the better PGs in the Heartland. That’s killer.