Rico Richardson at Hutch CC?



Former Topeka Highland Park All-Everything guard Rico Richardson turned up on the Hutchinson Community College roster today – I asked Steve Eck what the deal was and he said RR wasn’t practicing with the team yet, as he’s still “trying to figure out what he wants to do” – which could mean about a million different things. My best guess is that they’re still trying to figure out whether Richardson, who spent his senior year playing for a high school in Chicago, can be certified as an in-state player, which would be one of the biggest recruting coups in the last decade or so for the Jayhawk. Richardson is a DI talent who reportedly got offers from Texas A&M and Kansas State.

There are questions, obviously, like the main one being what in the world happened to RR in the last year and why would you leave Topeka, where he said he couldn’t stay out of trouble, and go to Chicago? Some of these recruiting sagas wear me out. Just keep your nose clean, do the work, reap the benefits.

But the thought of RR and Joe Mitchell in the same backcourt? Good lordy.

I’m out. TA.