Butler-Hutch, Jayhawk Conference hoops and Oliver Bradwell



Lots to talk about today. First up, of course, is last night’s No. 1 vs. No. 2 showdown in El Dorado.

Let’s dive in:


1. I don’t know how anybody is going to be able to beat Butler. Watched the Grizzlies try to give away a game last week at Coffeyville and still won. And then they come back to El Dorado and are almost perfect and beat the No. 2 team in the country 28-0 – they are so good at everything they do, and they look like they are having a crazy amount of fun from the moment they walk on the field for warmups. Don’t know how you gameplan for that.

2. Hutchinson was without running back Jamal Womble, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he played last night. There was no way they were going to win that game. They will, however, need him to recover from a strained calf and play against Coffeyville next week at Hutchinson and hopefully stay injury-free for the playoffs and a bowl game.

3. Great moment after the game when Troy Morrell picked up his son and asked him “doesn’t it feel good to be back on top?” There was so much pressure on this sophomore class to deliver a title – not to mention Morrell – that the looks of joy on their faces were something else. It was a wild time on the field at Galen Blackmore Stadium on Saturday night, and rightfully so.

4. Butler running back and Derby product Aaron Wilson suffered a gruesome arm injury – KWCH’s Jenn Bates showed me the footage at halftime … his arm basically snapped right in half. I hope AW will be able to get his football career back on track after this, but he’s got a long road of rehab ahead of him.

5. I can’t believe Coffeyville lost. Even crazier? If Hutch beats Coffeyville on Saturday and Independence beats Garden City, Hutch will play Indy in first round of playoffs and Red Ravens will travel to El Dorado.


Jayhawk Conference Media Day is tomorrow at The Boathouse, and I’m looking forward to this upcoming Jayhawk season more than usual because last year was kind of … well … it lacked something. Not taking anything away from Butler’s title, but it was an off year for the league, talent-wise. This year will be quite a bit different, and you’ll see that high-level Division I talent return to the league that was missing last year.

Oh, and you might want to know that Hutchinson has as good of a shot of winning Region VI and a national title as they’ve had since they won the whole thing in 1994.


I spent about a month on my story about sprinter Oliver Bradwell that ran in Sunday’s Eagle. It was something that, towards the end, was causing me to lose a little sleep only because A) It was the longest story I’d ever written for The Eagle and B) There were so many different issues to deal with concerning his past. I visited Oliver twice in Great Bend, once to spend a day with him, and another time to do a follow-up interview and to have Fernando Salazar shoot footage for a video and get the photos we’d need to go with the story. Oliver was a hard one to figure out. At some points in the process I’d feel like we were getting somewhere, and then at others I’d feel like I was the last person on Earth he wanted to talk to. It was a big relief to get the story out there, and I think if you take the time to read it, hopefully you’ll come away feeling like you know a little more about one of our native sons and one of the fastest sprinters in the nation.

Talk to you soon.


PS. This song makes my day every time I listen to it. So I listen to it every day.

PPS. I can’t believe KWU lost to Sterling.