MIAA commissioner James Johnson finalist for Pitt State AD position



Pittsburg State has narrowed its field of candidates to replace outgoing athletic director Chuck Broyles down to three, and one of them is MIAA commissioner James Johnson. Puts Pitt State in kind of a weird position if he doesn’t get the job, don’t you think? How does he delegate over a conference where one of the schools rejected him to lead its athletic department? It feels like a lot of wires are getting crossed here and I’m interested to see how this thing shakes out — I’ve definitely got some thoughts on JJ and what kind of a fit this would be, but I’ll wait to see who gets the nod. Johnson will be on-campus on Wednesday, followed by Southwest Minnesota State AD Christopher Hmielewski on Thursday and Texas A&M-Kingsville AD Kenneth Oliver AD Kenneth Oliver on Friday.

What’s that lineup tell you? This is a big-time gig, and whoever scores it has orchestrated a serious come-up.

A little spice to the summer! Love it!

Out. TA.