ESU softball wins MIAA Tournament … now can they win the whole thing?



Miranda Campbell, what more can you do?

The MIAA player of the year belted a grand slam to propel Emporia State to its SEVENTH straigth MIAA Tournament championship on Saturday in a 10-1 win over Nebraska-Omaha at Overland Park, and now the Hornets will have to wait until Monday to find out if they will host one of two South Central Regionals, which should happen as they were No. 2 in the regional rankings headed into the league tourney.

Now, the question needs to be asked: Can they win the whole thing?

It appears they have a team with a legitimate shot — a pair of aces in freshman pitchers Paige Ladenburger and Jennifer Heerey (a Goddard product, BTW), a superstar third baseman in Campbell and a great coach in Kristi Bredbenner. So, yeah, they could win it.

On another note — and maybe this is something I can get into this summer — I am continually amazed by the product that ESU puts out in its ability to compete on the national level. Just in the last year we’ve seen the baseball team finish as national runner-ups, womens’ basketball win a national title and now softball with a legit shot. And all this without their two marquee sports — football and men’s basketball — doing much of anything recently. I’m just saying. It bears investigation, and commendation. Good thing I’m here!!!