What happened at Pitt State, and what’s next



By now, hopefully, most of you know what the endgame ended up being at Pittsburg State — Chuck Broyles retires as football coach after 20 seasons and is put on leave as athletic director. People saw this one coming, no doubt. Was I surprised? Yes and no. Yes because I thought Broyles had enough juice to overcome 1 losing season in 20 years and I honestly thought there was no way he could get forced out with him being the AD and all. And then on the other side no, I wasn’t surprised because I talked to enough disgruntled fans in the last month or so that you could really feel the tide turn against him. But no matter what anybody tells you — the capper was the DUI.

Look at it this way — as long as Broyles was still the AD in good standing it was going to be almost impossible to force him out. But an arrest throws everything out of whack — any power he had in the situation over the new Prez was gone at the point. It made his position completely untenable — as both the coach and the AD. It would have been harder to imagine a worse-case scenario for Broyles if he was trying to keep his spot.

What’s Broyles’ legacy now? Well, he won a national title, so you start with that, and he also came close a couple of more times, including his last title game loss in 2004. His teams made the MIAA the DII powerhouse it is today — I don’t think there’s any arguing that. There’s also no arguing that the last couple of years have been tough — Broyles has gone through some personal tragedies that I won’t get into here, but they’re things I think any of us would have had an extremely hard time dealing with.



As far as a new coach, I know a lot of people are anointing offensive coordinator Tim Beck. He’s the interim coach right now … and I think if he’s hired, cool. They get a great offensive mind. But why not take a month to see who you could get. I think it’d be a little irresponsible to mention some of the names rumored to be hooked up to this gig (Randy Dreiling, Ed Warriner) but don’t you at least want to throw out your bait and see what kind of a whale you can reel in?

Out. TA.