Roll Call’s spring debut, a letter from Morocco and Joaquin Phoenix is still nuts

Roll Call, still in its infancy, is opening its beautiful little baby eyes and looking at spring sports now, which means my little darling is going to be honoring the best of baseball, softball and track & field for the next three months or so.

So let’s get it started.




Pittsburg State’s Taylor House might not be big (5-foot-9, 175 pounds), but dude packs a punch. Your MIAA hitter of the week went 9 for 14 in four games against Southwest Baptist last week, racking up a home run, two triples, seven RBIs and seven runs. Yeah … that might help his stats a little bit.



Newman’s Steven Trevino was the Heartland Conference pitcher of the week after tossing a complete game win against Texas A&M International last Friday and improving to 2-1 on the season. Trevin — from League City, Texas — struck out eight, walked three and allowed just one run. The Jets look like they might be ok this year.




What’s in the water at PSU? They’re smacking the ball around over there … freshman Amanda DeCastro doesn’t mind college ball whatsoever, hitting .526 (10-for-19) in five games last week, which meant a homer, eight RBIs and two runs at the Missouri Southern tourney, on her way to MIAA hitter of the week honors.


In five-plus years working in the newspaper business, I’ve ran across a lot of people. But this guy is one of my favorites. I worked with Doug Hanna at the Garden City Telegram when I was the sports editor and he was a sports writer. He went on to write for the Hutch News, he’s a Hutch native, HCC grad and WSU grad — I wrote on the HCC national title team of 1994 for Sunday’s Run N Gun — and from somewhere in Morocco (where he’s probably sitting in a cafe watching soccer and throwing tortillas at the screen) he sent me this e-mail, which I asked him if I could put up here and he kindly obliged:


Nice column.

I remember that 1994 team. We’d just moved to Hutchinson, I think I went to one game that year, and I remember listening to the radio the night they won the championship. We didn’t try to get tickets even though my dad had graduated from the school. I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time. They’d won in 1988, and I figured it was something that happened fairly often.

Of course, I was 11.

I didn’t really appreciate it until I spent my year at the school later.

No student body of any value, an 80-percent empty Sports Arena, and a mediocre team with one legitimate player and no NBA future.

It was nice to be on hand for Seward County’s run last year. Nice to have Kansas residents have someone to cheer for. And nice to have a memory of what it used to be like.


Ditto to everything he said. He’s a good friend, I miss him a lot. And I’m sure if he was here we’d crack on the fact that …


I’ve talked about dude on my blog plenty, but the wackiness never stops with JP. He went berserker at a nightclub in Miami this week. Here’s a look at the madness, go to the 1:35 for the fight to begin: