Behind the scenes on Melugin interview

I’ve got a story in the Thursday edition of The Eagle on Friends quarterback Alex Melugin, a Wichita kid who is tearing it up for the Falcons this year.

Alex Melugin, Friends

Alex Melugin, Friends

Melugin was a great interview — not always the case when you’ve interviewed as many people as I have. His frankness and self-deprecating humor were fun to be around — Mainly when he told a story about showing up at Dodge City Community College (his only scholarship offer) after being a four-year starter at Sunrise Christian Academy. The story goes that Melugin was so low on the depth chart –eighth out of nine QBs — that they had to give him a lineman’s face mask, one with the bar in the middle. Funny stuff. Junior colleges can be a rough place for somebody starting out their career and Melugin redshirted, but never gave up on his dream to play college football. And he finally got a real face mask.

He also talked about his fiance, Ashley, a nursing student at WSU. Great story on how they met, he was working at Famous Dave’s BBQ and she was dating another guy for a couple of years … but not for long. Two weeks later and Melugin swooped in and now they’re getting married. Hopefully this isn’t part of their wedding plans.

He also thinks defensive end Jordan Highley might be the best athlete on the team, said it was hard to back up Chris Randolph last year but he looked at it like he was another offensive coordinator, and the fact that Randolph was a class act made things a lot easier.

Good stuff.