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Shocker fan fashion: Frilly scarves, fuzzy heads

Frilly Shocker scarf: Don't leave Wichita without it.

Frilly Shocker scarf: Don’t leave Wichita without it.

Cruising the Shocker fan section at Scottrade Center in St. Louis this weekend, I couldn’t help but notice some definite trends in Shockerwear.

Ladies, you’re nobody if you don’t have one of these frilly black-n-yellow scarves. And I’m told they’re pretty easy to make.

For the menfolk, a must-have this undefeated season appears to be this fuzzy hat band. The item is inexpensive in Wichita fan shops and slips easily onto the standard ballcap, making  insta-Shocker-fuzz sprout from the cranial region. And it knows no age limit. The Wu-shag is donned equally well by both seniors in college and senior citizens.

Bill Cox has the fuzz, and he isn't afraid to wear it.

Bill Cox has the fuzz, and he isn’t afraid to wear it.

Willing to take a runway risk?  The black-and-gold overalls appear to be a thing again this year, or they are for Larry Boll, who was hard to miss even in all that Shocker color.

Shocker Evan Wessel’s brother Trevor Wessel didn’t want to look like all the other Shocker fans, so he used his noggin and came up with a Shocker-themed hard-hat. This trend doesn’t appear to be catching on yet, but give it time. There’s always the NCAA tournament. Read More »

Coming Wednesday: “This is Shocker basketball”

MVC Travel Channel – Terre Haute

Past stops on the MVC road


Illinois State

Missouri State

Southern Illinois




Monday at Koch Arena

  • Wichita State moved up to No. 4 (Associated Press poll) and No. 3 (coaches poll). Shocker coach Gregg Marshall has decided talking about the rankings is a no-win situation.

“I don’t vote,” he said. “We are where they say we are. It’s like we’re having to apologize for being pretty good. If we were 15-5 or something like that we wouldn’t have to answer these questions.”


  • Marshall clarified something he said after Saturday’s win at Drake. As he walked out of the interview session, he asked if the “mighty Spartans” lost again, a reference to then-No. 4 Michigan State, which played then-No. 11 Michigan that night and lost. He said he didn’t mean disrespect to Michigan State.

“That was as I was leaving the media room and someone had let me know they had lost,” he said. “I probably should have left the word ‘mighty’ out of there. I have nothing against Michigan State. I respect them quite a bit.”


No. 5 Wichita State at Drake


Filling seats around the MVC.

These places are cracking the Cox 22/ESPN3 code.

Big O, Bird, Early? (And you’ll rarely see Gregg Marshall described as taciturn).

Sampling AP top 25 ballots

William & Mary at No. 16 Wichita State

Wichita State landed four recruits on Wednesday.



Bowles remains in fair condition

Via Christi hospital listed Wichita State freshman guard D.J. Bowles in fair condition on Friday afternoon.

Bowles collapsed on Tuesday during practice at Koch Arena.

What might have been

Wichita State championship merchandise you won’t get a chance to buy. You can look here.

WSU, KU not playing anytime soon

By Rustin Dodd (From Jayhawk Dispatch)

No. 1 seed Kansas was supposed to be in the Sweet 16; No. 9 seed Wichita State was not. But together, the two schools have pulled off something that hasn’t been accomplished since 1988: Two Kansas schools in the Sweet 16. (KU and K-State faced off in the Elite Eight in 1988.)

When KU coach Bill Self was asked about Wichita State’s surprise victory over No. 1 seed Gonzaga, he responded with some textbook wit — the kind that might also strike a tender nerve.

“I’m happy for the Shockers. I’m excited for them,” Self said, smiling. “But that doesn’t mean we’re going to play them.

“That was a joke. Because I knew that would be the next question.”

So yes, even after Wichita State’s second Sweet 16 appearance in eight years, Self and the Jayhawks are holding true to their word. Don’t expect any KU-Wichita State showdowns in the near future.