Gregg Marshall know his numbers

Stopped by the Wichita State basketball offices today to answer the two pressing questions. I departed, as a I feared, not knowing much more than when I entered. To recap:

  • Coach Gregg Marshall assured me he knows how to count to 13, as in the number of scholarships allowed by the NCAA. With the addition of center Rauno Nurger, WSU is obligated to 14 players. That can’t be the case when school starts in the fall, and Marshall, as he always has, said the scholarship situation will work out by the time it needs to. That leaves many options – academics, prep school, injury, homesickness, lovesickness – to pare down the roster. For now, no decision has been made.
  • I offered to break a tie or sift through assistant coach resumes. Marshall politely declined. The search continues and he remains impossible to rush. He wants to have someone hired by practices in July.