Before they were Shockers II

Last year at the Final Four, I put together a blog post that gave us a glimpse into the careers of Wichita State players, pre-WSU: Before they were Shockers.

And like anything even sort-of popular, it deserves a sequel.

So here’s one from St. Louis – Before they were Shockers II: Electric Bugaloo


This should look familiar to Shocker fans – DC in the post, making moves and getting big dunks for Vincennes (Ind.) University, a team he helped


A couple of times I’ve given Wessel a hard time this year about not getting any dunks in games – he always responds with a laugh and “It’ll happen when it happens. In the flow of the game.” I only say it because back in the day, when he was piling up state titles at Heights with Kansas star Perry Ellis, he was known to get up and throw one down on a pretty regular basis.

Something like this, with the extra slo-mo:


Wiggins isn’t hard to spot here, in his days at Wabash Valley (Ill.) College, wearing the same No. 15 he wears for the Shockers. To say he had the green light at Wabash would be an understatement.


Baby Zach – this is from his junior year at Goddard High. Bush transferred to Eisenhower when it opened his senior year.


This is wonderful — and a little longer. You don’t have to watch the whole 30 minutes (go ahead, if you want), but you can get the feel for it in the first few minutes. CJ works hard, has a good way with people … and is from Canada.

I’m in St. Louis all week. Talk soon. -TA


I was in New York last week.