Monday at Koch Arena

  • Wichita State moved up to No. 4 (Associated Press poll) and No. 3 (coaches poll). Shocker coach Gregg Marshall has decided talking about the rankings is a no-win situation.

“I don’t vote,” he said. “We are where they say we are. It’s like we’re having to apologize for being pretty good. If we were 15-5 or something like that we wouldn’t have to answer these questions.”


  • Marshall clarified something he said after Saturday’s win at Drake. As he walked out of the interview session, he asked if the “mighty Spartans” lost again, a reference to then-No. 4 Michigan State, which played then-No. 11 Michigan that night and lost. He said he didn’t mean disrespect to Michigan State.

“That was as I was leaving the media room and someone had let me know they had lost,” he said. “I probably should have left the word ‘mighty’ out of there. I have nothing against Michigan State. I respect them quite a bit.”