MVC Travel Channel: Carbondale


Due to my technical limitations, this is a few days late. As part of my travels around the Missouri Valley Conference, I want to fumble through a few minutes of video that gives you a look at the cities and schools that you won’t get from watching on TV. I hope to get to all nine schools, but I won’t guarantee the ratings will keep my show afloat for that long.

Here is a short look at Carbondale and Southern Illinois. For the most part, I’m going to skip the easy jokes at the expense of these towns (and, really, now that Omaha is out, how many jokes are there?). That’s the oldest sportswriter cliche, so I will leave to old sports writers such as Bob Lutz. For the most part, I visit these towns in January and February, when they all look cold and gray and they all have the same Buffalo Wild Wings, Best Buy and Fairfield Inn. Most of them have a Steak and Shake, which is pretty good. Chicago – now I hear that city may be a little different than your typical Valley stop. We’ll see.

Enjoy and happy travels around the MVC. For your viewing pleasure, I try to limit my face time and use a lot of pictures.